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About Us
Hangzhou Altrasonic Technology Co., Ltd located in Hangzhou,Website:http://www.altrasonicautomation.com, China, was found in the 1990s, and is a subsidiary of Sunrise Group, a largest trading and manufacturing company in Hangzhou, China. Altrasonic has many years'experiences in the business of industrial ultrasonic components and ultrasonic devices in China. We use this experience and experise to provide only the best ultrasonic devices and components based on the competitive price. Altrasonic equipment focused on the r&d of high power ultrasound applications, Altrasonic has absolute leading core technology, the most stable and mature manufacturing technology, rich experience, can provide direct ultrasonic application scheme demonstrate, structure design, system configuration and related parts production. Altrasonic equipment cooperated with the key graphene manufacturers, applied the ultrasound equipment in graphene preparation process of industrialization firstly, and make the ultrasonic be a good supporting to the large-scale preparation of the high quality and low cost graphene materials.
Products and services
Automation Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Ultrasonic Welding Transducer, Ultrasonic Converter, Automation Ultrasonic Cutting Machine, Ultrasonic Generator, Automation ultrasonic machinin, Ultrasonic Homogenizer